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Our Mission

We believe our mission is first, to be servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ and to do His will above all things. Secondly, we feel we have two parties to which we are accountable at the completion, as well as during the construction of each and every job. One of those parties is you, the customer. At the end of the job we want you to be so elated with the finished product that even your already higher expectations of WorldWide Computing will be exceeded. Our quality and craftsmanship should be impeccable. The other party (which is actually the first party) is Jesus Christ. Did we bring honor and glory to His name with the completed project as well as during construction? God has given us the talent to provide the services and workmanship, which we are so happy to bless you with. Our goal is to make sure it represents the creator of the universe!! Wow… what a high standard we put on our craftsmanship!


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